There are many reasons you or a family member may be required to seek the advice and consultation of a surgeon or proceed with a surgical procedure. Dr. Hall takes time to answer patients’ questions and concerns that may arise so that the experience is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Hall and his staff will also discuss all the steps to prepare for surgery, as well as what you may expect afterwards.

Before your procedure, Dr. Hall will perform an examination to determine your physical health and individual needs. Plan to bring a list of questions you may have to this consultation. We’ve also included a list of questions for you that you may print and bring to your appointment to help prepare you for an informative discussion. By the end of the exam, you’ll know why surgery is recommended; what it will involve; the risks and the benefits; other options available to you; and the recovery process.

Our staff also will provide you with pre-operative and post-operative instructions, so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way and can refer to those instructions when a question arises.